Host a Crypto ATM

Looking to make some passive income for your business? Stay ahead of the curve and RISE ABOVE the competition. Become a Crypto ATM host today! It’s easy, effortless, and only requires power, internet and about 2sq feet of space.



Enjoy a passive income stream.

Headache Free

We manage all maintenance, stocking, and legal requirements.

Easy Startup

Power, Internet and 2 sqft; simple as that.

Meet the team.

From installation to stocking, a Phoenix Crypto member is here to help.

Earn More

We pay based on total revenue. buy & sell

Get Some Bitcoin

You get a cut of the action.  There is no cap on earnings.


Easy to read, no hidden fee, contract.

Simple Contract

We’re here to work with you, not against you.  Join the Team!

Sign up today!