Earn Crypto, Host an ATM

Looking to make some passive income for your business? Stay ahead of the curve and RISE ABOVE the competition. Become a Crypto ATM host today! It’s easy, effortless, and only requires power, internet and about 2sq feet of space.

Scroll down and complete the form, or drop us a line. We love hearing from our clients and strive to be that personal touch in our digital age. Join us, we’re in it for the long haul.


Our ATMs bring increased foot traffic to your store.


Our customers will often patronize your store.

Easy Startup

Power, Internet and 2 sqft; simple as that.

Meet the team.

From installation to stocking, a Phoenix Crypto member is here to help.


We manage all aspects of the ATM's maintenance.

Choose Your Payment

Get paid in USD or Bitcoin, it’s your choice.


Easy to read, no hidden fee contract.

Simple Contract

We’re here to work with you, not against you.  Join the Team!