How To Buy Crypto From A Phoenix Crypto ATM

  1. Begin by tapping the screen to bring up the home screen options.
  2. Choose “Buy Coins”.
  3. Select the applicable dollar amount range, based on the amount you intend to purchase.
  4. Enter your phone number at the prompt using the ATM pin pad.
  5. If you have already registered an account with the atm, skip to the next step. Otherwise, follow the prompts & provide the requested info to register your account.
  6. Enter the Secret PIN that you set up when you registered the account.
  7. Select the coin/cryptocurrency that you intend to purchase.
  8. You will be asked where your coins should be sent. There are 3 options
    1. Scan Wallet QR Code (Choose this if you already have a cryptocurrency wallet)
    2. Create New Wallet (This will print a paper wallet that will need to be imported into a digital wallet later. For that reason it is always better to download a wallet beforehand so you can choose the first option “Scan Wallet QR Code”
    3. Enter Address (This is to manually type in the full crypto address, which like option 2 is always less desirable than scanning a QR code.)
  9. The scanner is located at the number pad & you will see the red light turn on.
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions on how to position your phone to be scanned. (If it is having trouble scanning, try moving your qr code further away & at multiple angles. Approximately 6-12 inches.)
  11. The ATM does not allow sending of cryptocurrency to another person or business, so you will be asked to confirm if the address you’ve provided is your personal address or if it belongs to someone else.
  12. If it is not your personal address and someone has provided the address to you, you are most likely the victim of a scam attempt & will not be allowed to proceed as we do not permit use of the ATMs to send crypto to a 3rd party. Please feel free to contact us at 623-335-2916 for more information or if you believe you may be the victim of a scam attempt.
  13. If it is your personal wallet, the next screen will instruct you to begin inserting bills. 
  14. Press Finish when done.
  15. You will be asked if you’d like a receipt.
  16. Done!