How To Sell Crypto To A Phoenix Crypto ATM

  1. Begin by tapping the screen to bring up options.
  2. Choose “Withdraw Cash”.
  3. Select the applicable range, based on the amount you intend to withdraw.
  4. Enter your phone number at the prompt.
  5. If you have already registered an account with the atm, skip to the next step. Otherwise, follow the prompts & provide the requested info to register your account.
  6. Enter the Secret PIN that you set up when you registered the account.
  7. Select the coin/cryptocurrency that you intend to Sell.
  8. Select your withdrawal amount from the options or choose Other for a different amount.
  9. Scan the QR Code on the display with your wallet & send the EXACT amount requested. (Sending anything other than the exact amount will have to be manually reviewed causing delays, meaning the cash will not be immediately available to you.)
  10. The ATM will not dispense the cash immediately. You will receive a printout with a redemption code, which will be activated once the ATM has confirmed that the crypto has been received (Confirmation takes approximately 10 min, but can take longer).

IMPORTANT: Please note that at this point the ATM will print a redemption code whether or not you actually sent the crypto. The ATM is monitoring the blockchain to confirm the deposit. If the crypto is received it will automatically activate the redemption code. However, if no crypto is received (or the wrong amount), the ATM will not activate the redemption code and it will simply expire. To confirm that you did indeed send the crypto, review your wallet’s balance & transaction history. If your balance didn’t change & there is no outgoing transaction then you did not successfully send the crypto & you will need to start over.


  1. Once the ATM confirms receipt of the deposit, you will receive an sms message that the cash is ready for withdrawal and you may now return to the ATM.
  2. From the ATM main screen, choose “Redeem”.
  3. Login with your phone number & PIN.
  4. Enter your redemption code.
  5. Cash will dispense. Done!